NCF Rules

The NFL Senior and Junior competitions commence from 31st March 2017.  The final series commences from 25 August and the Grand Final is scheduled for the weekend 9-10 September 2017.


The amount varies, depending on age and competition level.  With the success of 2016/17 Summer 6 A Side, UFC has part subsidised fees.

Age 5 – 7 (MiniRoos)  $110*
Age 8 – 11  $145*
Age 12 – 16  $205*
Age 17 – Junior Competition  $245*
Age 16 – 18 – Senior Competition  $245
Seniors  $370
O35s  $230

Except for O35’s, fees include referee charges.  Families with multiple members may apply to UFC for financial relief consideration.

*All NEW junior players who register and pay receive new shorts and socks.
*ALL Junior players who register and pay in full before 28th Feb 2017 will receive a UFC Polo shirt

Laws of the Game

Details on MiniRoos can be found by clicking here.

The laws of the game can be found by clicking here.

Rules – General
• Registrations close 30 June 2017
• You must be a paid up, registered member to play
• Each nominated junior team must have a responsible adult team manager
• Footwear must be worn
• Shin pads must be worn with long socks covering them
• No alcohol to be consumed at the grounds
• Check the web site on game day to determine if a field is closed due to weather
• Wet weather catch up games may be scheduled
• Urunga Football Club reserves the right to deal with any persons or teams in respect of any offenses or complaints and other matters not specifically provided for in these rules
• The club may take media footage including photography for publicity purposes in newspapers, web page, facebook etc. You must advise the club if you object

Results & Program

• More information including draws and ladders can be found on our website
• It is your responsibility to check regularly for any last minute changes to the program – we will do our best to publish them in a timely manner
• If you are not sure, and there is no publication please contact your team manager.